Mainz Athletics

Mainz Athletics

The Baseball- und Softball-Club Mainz Athletics 1988 e.V. is a German baseball and softball club located in the city of Mainz in Rhineland-Palatinate. The Athletics, along with Buchbinder Legionäre, is one of the largest clubs in the Baseball-Bundesliga Süd in terms of membership, claiming to have hundreds of active players. The club has played in the Baseball-Bundesliga for almost two decades, but only won its first and to date sole German Championship in the 2007 season.

Season by Season Performance (1st Bundesliga)

Year Rank Games W L Win% Season Notes
2007 2 26 19 7 .731 Defeated Regensburg Legionäre in Finals, 3-2, to win 1st League Championship[1]
2008 4 28 18 10 .642 Lost in Quarterfinals to Solingen Alligators, 1-3[2]
2009 4 24 9 15 .375 Lost in Quarterfinals to Solingen Alligators, 0-3[3]
2010 7 28 9 19 .321


The Mainz Athletics played their home games at Sandflora Ballpark between 1988 and 2010. The field is located between the neighborhoods of Mainz-Mombach and Gonsenheim, an area that was previously the grounds of an American military installation. Sandflora comprised a baseball and a softball field, both of which were occupied by the Athletics. Since the fields overlap, games could be played on both fields at the same time.

The Bundesliga All-Star Game and the European Cup were held at the Sandflora several times. The field also hosted the 1999 Junior European Championship and in the inaugural 2002 Softball All Star Game.

The field lies in a residential neighborhood, the because field can become loud during games, the Athletics must find a new place to play. The club plans for a new ballpark along the Hart Mühlenweg, about 500 meters east of the present facility, to be operational by spring 2011.[8][9]


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