MAUL (weapon)

MAUL (weapon)

M4 carbine above and standalone below
Type Shotgun
Place of origin  Australia
Production history
Manufacturer Metal Storm
Variants module of rifle and standalone
Weight 0.8 kilograms (1.8 lb)

Cartridge 5 round stacked projectile munition tube
Caliber 12 gauge
Action semi automatic
Feed system stacked projectile

The Multi-shot Accessory Underbarrel Launcher, or MAUL, is an ultra-lightweight semi-automatic shotgun manufactured by Brisbane-based company Metal Storm.[1] A range of lethal: buckshot and slug, and non-lethal: blunt impact, door breaching, and frangible munitions come preloaded in 5 round "stacked projectiles" munition tubes. With a 12-gauge bore and weighing less than 800 grams (1.8 lb), it is designed to be used as an underslung module of a combat rifle such as M4 or M16, but may be used as a standalone[2][3]

MAUL uses Metal Storm's patented stacked round system to eliminate the mechanical action associated with conventional 12 gauge weapons. Operators can load up to 5 rounds in less than 2 seconds, and fire repeatedly without cycling a conventional action. When used as an underslung complimentary to the primary weapon, the MAUL is aligned to the host gun sighting system, providing a choice of munitions using only the single sighting system.

For military operations, the underslung MAUL is designed to expand the mission capabilities of an assault weapon while having minimal effect on the weight and balance of the primary weapon. MAUL provides instantaneous access to door breaching, non-lethal force and also a backup lethal weapon if primary weapon fails.

For law enforcement operators, the underslung MAUL adds non-lethal, shotgun and door breaching capabilities to a conventional weapon system while the optional lightweight shoulder stock and pistol grip attachments allow for an ultra-lightweight stand-alone 12 gauge weapon if desired.


The MAUL is designed for wide ranging uses in military and law enforcement operations

  • Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)
  • Door breaching and room clearing
  • Complex security missions - mixed civilian and hostile personnel
  • Law enforcement and border security
  • Crowd control missions


  • 5 shot semi-automatic 12 gauge weapon
  • 800g (1.8 lb)
  • Under-barrel accessory, standalone shoulder stock or pistol grip configurations
  • Lethal, non-lethal and door breaching munitions available
  • Reload speed - up to 5 rounds in under 2 seconds
  • Non-cycling operation

Advantages over conventional weapons

  • Expands mission capabilities of every operator
  • Range of door breaching, non-lethal and lethal munitions offer broad capabilities for complex missions
  • Negligible impact on weight and balance of primary weapon
  • Provides backup lethal weapon if primary weapon fails
  • Loaded munition type can be swapped in under 2 seconds
  • Eliminates audible cycling signature
  • Eliminates most points of failure common to conventional weapons
  • Stand-alone shoulder stock or pistol grip available for personnel not carrying an assault rife

Papua New Guinea Correctional Services

As of 3 August 2010, Metal Storm have signed a contract with Papua New Guinea's Correctional Services Minister Tony Aimo to supply 500 stand alone MAULs and 50,000 rounds of less lethal ammunition for use by correctional services officers.[1] As of January 2011, this contract was awaiting ratification from the PNG government.