List of Colorado Rockies Opening Day starting pitchers

List of Colorado Rockies Opening Day starting pitchers

The Colorado Rockies are a Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise based in Denver, Colorado. They play in the National League West division. The first game of the new baseball season for a team is played on Opening Day, and being named the Opening Day starter is an honor, which is given to the player who is expected to lead the pitching staff that season.[1] The Rockies have used 15 different Opening Day starting pitchers in their 21 seasons. Since the Rockies' first season in 1993, the 15 starters have a combined Opening Day record of nine wins, six losses (8–6), and six no decisions. No decisions are only awarded to the starting pitcher if the game is won or lost after the starting pitcher has left the game.[2][3]

Six Rockies pitchers have started on two Opening Days: Kevin Ritz, Darryl Kile, Mike Hampton, Jason Jennings, Aaron Cook, and Ubaldo Jiménez. Kile has the best Opening Day record with two wins and no losses. Armando Reynoso is the only Rockies pitcher to start on Opening Day in Colorado's former home of Mile High Stadium. Rockies starting pitchers have an Opening Day record of four wins and three losses when at home. With the exception of one lost game at Mile High Stadium, the other games were played at Colorado's current home stadium of Coors Field. On the road for Opening Day, Colorado starting pitchers have accumulated a record of five wins, four losses, and five no decisions. The Rockies have a record of one win and two losses on Opening Day for seasons in which they would later go on to participate in post-season play.[2]

The longest Opening Day winning streak for Rockies starting pitchers is three years, when Colorado won in 2004, 2005, and 2006, under three different pitchers, Shawn Estes, Joe Kennedy, and Jason Jennings. Rockies starters have lost twice in two consecutive years, once in 1993 and 1994, and once from 2002 to 2003.[2]


Season Each year is linked to an article about that particular Rockies season.
W Win
L Loss
ND (W) No decision by starting pitcher; Rockies won game
ND (L) No decision by starting pitcher; Rockies lost game
Pitcher (#) Number of appearances as Opening Day starter with the Rockies
* Advanced to the post-season
** NL Champions


Season Pitcher Decision Opponent Location Ref(s)
1993 Nied, DavidDavid Nied L New York Mets Shea Stadium [2]
1994 Reynoso, ArmandoArmando Reynoso L Philadelphia Phillies Mile High Stadium [2]
1995* Swift, BillBill Swift W New York Mets Coors Field [2]
1996 Ritz, KevinKevin Ritz ND (W) Philadelphia Phillies Veterans Stadium [2]
1997 Ritz, KevinKevin Ritz (2) ND (L) Cincinnati Reds Riverfront Stadium [2]
1998 Kile, DarrylDarryl Kile W Arizona Diamondbacks Bank One Ballpark [2]
1999 Kile, DarrylDarryl Kile (2) W San Diego Padres Qualcomm Stadium [2]
2000 Astacio, PedroPedro Astacio L Atlanta Braves Turner Field [2]
2001 Hampton, MikeMike Hampton W St. Louis Cardinals Coors Field [2]
2002 Hampton, MikeMike Hampton (2) L St. Louis Cardinals Busch Memorial Stadium [2][4]
2003 Jennings, JasonJason Jennings L Houston Astros Minute Maid Park [2][5]
2004 Estes, ShawnShawn Estes W Arizona Diamondbacks Bank One Ballpark [2][6]
2005 Kennedy, JoeJoe Kennedy W San Diego Padres Coors Field [2][7]
2006 Jennings, JasonJason Jennings (2) W Arizona Diamondbacks Coors Field [2][8]
2007** Cook, AaronAaron Cook L Arizona Diamondbacks Coors Field [2][9]
2008 Wells, KipKip Wells ND (W) St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium [2][10]
2009* Cook, AaronAaron Cook (2) ND (L) Arizona Diamondbacks Chase Field [11]
2010 Jiménez, UbaldoUbaldo Jiménez W Milwaukee Brewers Miller Park [3]
2011 Jiménez, UbaldoUbaldo Jiménez (2) ND (L) Arizona Diamondbacks Coors Field [2]
2012 Guthrie, JeremyJeremy Guthrie W Houston Astros Minute Maid Park [2]
2013 Chacín, JhoulysJhoulys Chacín ND (L) Milwaukee Brewers Miller Park [2]