List of Chicago Cubs first-round draft picks

The Chicago Cubs are a Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise based in Chicago, Illinois. They play in the National League Central division. Since the institution of MLB's Rule 4 Draft, the Cubs have selected 60 players in the first round. Officially known as the "First-Year Player Draft",[1] the Rule 4 Draft is MLB's primary mechanism for assigning amateur baseball players from high schools, colleges, and other amateur baseball clubs to its teams. The draft order is determined based on the previous season's standings, with the team possessing the worst record receiving the first pick.[1] In addition, teams which lost free agents in the previous off-season may be awarded compensatory or supplementary picks.[2]

Of the 60 players picked in the first round by the Cubs, 30 have been pitchers, the most of any position; 24 of these were right-handed, while 6 were left-handed. Sixteen players picked in the initial round were outfielders, while eight shortstops, two catchers, and one player each at first base, second base, and third base were also taken.[3] The Cubs drafted 25 players out of high school, and 32 out of college. Chicago has drafted eleven players from high schools or colleges in the state of California, with six more coming from Texas and five from Indiana. The Cubs have also taken three players from their home state of Illinois.[3]

The Cubs have not won a World Series championship since 1908,[4] and no pick has been elected to the Hall of Fame. The Cubs' first-round selection in 1995—Kerry Wood—won the MLB Rookie of the Year award with the franchise in 1998, his first season in the Major Leagues.[5] One pick—1985 selection Rafael Palmeiro—is a member of both the 3,000 hit club and the 500 home run club.[6] The Cubs have held the first overall pick in the draft only once, in 1982, when they selected Shawon Dunston.[3]

The Cubs have received 13 compensatory picks, including nine selections made in the supplemental round of the draft since the institution of the First-Year Player Draft in 1965.[3] These additional picks are provided when a team loses a particularly valuable free agent in the previous off-season,[2][7][V] or, more recently, if a team fails to sign a draft pick from the previous year.[8] As the Cubs have signed all of their first-round picks, they have never been awarded a supplementary pick under this provision.


Year Links to an article about that year's Major League Baseball Draft
Position Indicates the secondary/collegiate position at which the player was drafted, rather than the professional position the player may have gone on to play
Pick Indicates the number of the pick
§ Indicates a supplemental pick


Year Name Position School (location) Pick Ref
1965 James, RickRick James Right-handed pitcher Coffee High School
(Florence, Alabama)
6 [9]
1966 Burk, DeanDean Burk Right-handed pitcher Highland High School
(Highland, Illinois)
5 [10]
1967 Hughes, TerryTerry Hughes Shortstop Dorman High School
(Spartanburg, South Carolina)
2 [11]
1968 Rickey, RalphRalph Rickey Outfielder University of Oklahoma
(Norman, Oklahoma)
15 [12]
1969 Metzger, RogerRoger Metzger Shortstop St. Edward's University
(Austin, Texas)
16 [13]
1970 Hiser, GeneGene Hiser Outfielder University of Maryland, College Park
(College Park, Maryland)
19 [14]
1971 Wehmeier, JeffJeff Wehmeier Right-handed pitcher Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
(Indianapolis, Indiana)
16 [15]
1972 Vernoy, BrianBrian Vernoy Left-handed pitcher La Quinta High School
(La Quinta, California)
15 [16]
1973 Tabb, JerryJerry Tabb First baseman University of Tulsa
(Tulsa, Oklahoma)
16 [17]
1974 Thompson, ScotScot Thompson Outfielder Knoch High School
(Saxonburg, Pennsylvania)
7 [18]
1975 Rosinski, BrianBrian Rosinski Outfielder Evanston Township High School
(Evanston, Illinois)
4 [19]
1976 Segelke, HermanHerman Segelke Right-handed pitcher El Camino High School
(San Francisco, California)
7 [20]
1977 Martz, RandyRandy Martz Right-handed pitcher University of South Carolina
(Columbia, South Carolina)
12 [21]
1978 Hayes, BillBill Hayes Catcher Indiana State University
(Terre Haute, Indiana)
13 [22]
1979 Perlman, JonJon Perlman Right-handed pitcher Baylor University
(Waco, Texas)
12 [23]
1980 Schulze, DonDon Schulze Right-handed pitcher Lake Park High School
(Roselle, Illinois)
11 [24]
1981 Carter, JoeJoe Carter Outfielder Wichita State University
(Wichita, Kansas)
2 [25]
1981 Lovelace, VanceVance Lovelace Left-handed pitcher Hillsborough High School
(Tampa, Florida)
16[a] [25]
1982 Dunston, ShawonShawon Dunston Shortstop Thomas Jefferson High School
(Brooklyn, New York)
1 [26]
1982 Woods, TonyTony Woods Shortstop Whittier College
(Whittier, California)
17[b] [26]
1982 Boderick, StanStan Boderick Outfielder Thomas Richard Robinson High School
(Tampa, Florida)
27§[c] [26]
1983 Davidson, JackieJackie Davidson Right-handed pitcher Everman Joe C. Bean High School
(Everman, Texas)
6 [27]
1984 Hall, DrewDrew Hall Left-handed pitcher Morehead State University
(Morehead, Kentucky)
3 [28]
1985 Palmeiro, RafaelRafael Palmeiro Outfielder Mississippi State University
(Starkville, Mississippi)
22[d] [29]
1985 Masters, DaveDave Masters Right-handed pitcher University of California, Berkeley
(Berkeley, California)
24 [29]
1986 May, DerrickDerrick May Outfielder Newark High School
(Newark, Delaware)
9 [30]
1987 Harkey, MikeMike Harkey Right-handed pitcher California State University, Fullerton
(Fullerton, California)
4 [31]
1988 Griffin, TyTy Griffin Second baseman Georgia Institute of Technology
(Atlanta, Georgia)
9 [32]
1989 Cunningham, EarlEarl Cunningham Outfielder Lancaster High School
(Lancaster, South Carolina)
11 [33]
1990 Dickson, LanceLance Dickson Left-handed pitcher University of Arizona
(Tucson, Arizona)
23 [34]
1991 Glanville, DougDoug Glanville Outfielder University of Pennsylvania
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
12 [35]
1992 Wallace, DerekDerek Wallace Right-handed pitcher Pepperdine University
(Malibu, California)
11 [36]
1993 Kieschnick, BrooksBrooks Kieschnick Outfielder University of Texas at Austin
(Austin, Texas)
10 [37]
1993 Ratliff, JonJon Ratliff Right-handed pitcher LeMoyne College
(Syracuse, New York)
24[e] [37]
1993 Orie, KevinKevin Orie Shortstop Indiana University
(Bloomington, Indiana)
29§[f] [37]
1994 Peterson, JaysonJayson Peterson Right-handed pitcher East High School
(Denver, Colorado)
15 [38]
1995 Wood, KerryKerry Wood Right-handed pitcher Grand Prairie High School
(Grand Prairie, Texas)
4 [39]
1996 Noel, ToddTodd Noel Right-handed pitcher North Vermillion High School
(Maurice, Louisiana)
17 [40]
1997 Garland, JonJon Garland Right-handed pitcher John F. Kennedy High School
(Granada Hills, California)
10 [41]
1998 Patterson, CoreyCorey Patterson Outfielder Harrison High School
(Kennesaw, Georgia)
3 [42]
1999 Christensen, BenBen Christensen Outfielder Wichita State University
(Wichita, Kansas)
26 [43]
2000 Montañez, LouLou Montañez Shortstop Miami Coral Park High School
(Miami, Florida)
3 [44]
2001 Prior, MarkMark Prior Right-handed pitcher University of Southern California
(Los Angeles, California)
2 [45]
2002 Brownlie, BobbyBobby Brownlie Right-handed pitcher Rutgers University
(New Brunswick, New Jersey)
21 [46]
2002 Hagerty, LukeLuke Hagerty Left-handed pitcher Ball State University
(Muncie, Indiana)
32§[g] [46]
2002 Blasko, ChaddChadd Blasko Right-handed pitcher Purdue University
(West Lafayette, Indiana)
36§[h] [46]
2002 Clanton, MatthewMatthew Clanton Right-handed pitcher Orange Coast College
(Costa Mesa, California)
38§[i] [46]
2003 Harvey, RyanRyan Harvey Outfielder Dunedin High School
(Dunedin, Florida)
6 [47]
2004 no first-round pick[j] [3]
2005 Pawelek, MarkMark Pawelek Left-handed pitcher Springville High School
(Springville, Utah)
20 [48]
2006 Colvin, TylerTyler Colvin Outfielder Clemson University
(Clemson, South Carolina)
13 [49]
2007 Vitters, JoshJosh Vitters Third baseman Cypress High School
(Cypress, California)
3 [50]
2007 Donaldson, JoshJosh Donaldson Catcher Auburn University
(Auburn, Alabama)
48§[k] [50]
2008 Cashner, AndrewAndrew Cashner Right-handed pitcher Texas Christian University
(Fort Worth, Texas)
19 [51]
2008 Flaherty, RyanRyan Flaherty Shortstop Vanderbilt University
(Nashville, Tennessee)
41§[l] [51]
2009 Jackson, BrettBrett Jackson Outfielder University of California, Berkeley
(Berkeley, California)
31 [52]
2010 Simpson, HaydenHayden Simpson Right-handed pitcher Southern Arkansas University
(Magnolia, Arkansas)
16 [53]
2011 Báez, JavierJavier Báez Shortstop Arlington Country Day School
(Jacksonville, Florida)
9 [54]
2012 Almora, AlbertAlbert Almora Outfielder Mater Academy Charter School
(Hialeah Gardens, Florida)
6 [55]
2012 Johnson, PiercePierce Johnson Right-handed pitcher Missouri State University
(Springfield, Missouri)
43§[m] [55]
2012 Blackburn, PaulPaul Blackburn Right-handed pitcher Heritage High School
(Brentwood, California)
56§[n] [55]
2013 Bryant, KrisKris Bryant Third Baseman University of San Diego
(San Diego, California)
2 [56]

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  • V Free agents are evaluated by the Elias Sports Bureau and rated "Type A", "Type B", or not compensation-eligible. If a team offers arbitration to a player but that player refuses and subsequently signs with another team, the original team may receive additional draft picks. If a "Type A" free agent leaves in this way his previous team receives a supplemental pick and a compensation pick from the team with which he signs. If a "Type B" free agent leaves in this way his previous team receives only a supplemental pick.[8]
  • a The Cubs gained a compensatory first-round pick in 1981 from the Cincinnati Reds for losing free agent Larry Biittner.[57]
  • b The Cubs gained a compensatory first-round pick in 1982 from the Montreal Expos for losing free agent Tim Blackwell.[58]
  • c The Cubs gained a supplemental first-round pick in 1982 for losing free agent Tim Blackwell.[58]
  • d The Cubs gained a compensatory first-round pick in 1985 from the Baltimore Orioles for losing free agent Tim Stoddard.[59]
  • e The Cubs gained a compensatory first-round pick in 1993 from the Atlanta Braves for losing free agent Greg Maddux.[60]
  • f The Cubs gained a supplemental first-round pick in 1993 for losing free agent Greg Maddux.[60]
  • g The Cubs gained a supplemental first-round pick in 2002 for losing free agent David Weathers.[61]
  • h The Cubs gained a supplemental first-round pick in 2002 for losing free agent Rondell White.[61]
  • i The Cubs gained a supplemental first-round pick in 2002 for losing free agent Todd Van Poppel.[61]
  • j The Cubs lost their first-round pick in 2004 to the Minnesota Twins as compensation for signing free agent LaTroy Hawkins.[62]
  • k The Cubs gained a supplemental first-round pick in 2007 for losing free agent Juan Pierre.[63]
  • l The Cubs gained a supplemental first-round pick in 2008 for losing free agent Jason Kendall.[64]
  • m The Cubs gained a supplemental first-round pick in 2012 for losing free agent Aramis Ramirez.[55]
  • n The Cubs gained a supplemental first-round pick in 2012 for losing free agent Carlos Pena.[55]


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