Kusatsu Station (Shiga)

Kusatsu Station (Shiga)

Kusatsu Station (草津駅 Kusatsu-eki?) is a railway station operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West) and Japan Freight Railway Company (JR Freight) in the city of Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan.



  • This station has three island platforms serving two tracks each and two tracks without platforms. The station has a stationmaster and administrates Yasu, Moriyama, Ritto and Minami-Kusatsu stations on the Tokaido Line and all intermediate stations on the Kusatsu Line.
1 Kusatsu Line for Kibukawa and Tsuge
2 Kusatsu Line for Kibukawa and Tsuge
Biwako Line from the Kusatsu Line for Kyōto and Osaka
3 Biwako Line part of trains for Kyōto and Osaka
limited express "Biwako Express", "Hida" for Kyōto and Osaka
Kansai Airport limited express "Haruka" for Kansai Airport
4 Biwako Line for Kyōto and Osaka
5 Biwako Line for Maibara and Nagahama
Kusatsu Line the first train starting for Kibukawa and Tsuge (departing at 5:36 a.m.)
6 Biwako Line part of trains for Maibara and Nagahama
limited express "Haruka", "Biwako Express" for Maibara
limited express "Hida" for Takayama
Kusatsu Line from the Biwako Line for Kibukawa and Tsuge




    • AL. PLAZA Kusatsu
    • UNIQLO
    • Akachan Honpo
    • Matsumoto Kiyoshi
  • Hotel Boston Plaza Kusatsu

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Tōkaidō Line (Biwako Line)
Rittō   Local (3 doors, 4 doors)   Minami-Kusatsu
Moriyama   Special Rapid   Minami-Kusatsu
Kusatsu Line
Tehara   Local   Terminus