Kiner's Korner

Kiner's Korner

Kiner's Korner was a post game interview show following New York Mets broadcasts hosted by Ralph Kiner. The show aired since the Mets' inaugural season at Shea Stadium in 1964. For years the show followed every Mets home game. The first was on April 30, 1963 with guests Buddy Hackett and Phil Foster.[1] In more recent years as Kiner's workload decreased, the show was on less frequently, usually following home games on free television.


The close-in left field seats in Forbes Field were originally known as "Greenberg's Gardens" for Pirates slugger Hank Greenberg. After Greenberg retired and Kiner became the team's primary offensive weapon, the area was renamed "Kiner's Korner".


In 2010, SNY.TV, (website of SNY, the Mets' cable network), announced they would be replaying classic episodes of Kiner's Korner on the web, in a series entitled "Kiner's Korner Revisted". While the network was in possession of several episodes, many had been lost or taped over.[2]


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