Kantar Group

Kantar Group

Type Subsidiary
Industry Market Research
Founded 1993 (As the Market Research, Insight and Consultancy Division of WPP Group plc)
Headquarters London
Key people Eric Banner (CEO)
Robert Bowtell (Chief Financial Officer)
Phil Smiley (CEO EMEA and ASPAC Kantar Retail)
Thomas Puliyel (CEO IMRB)
Joel Benenson (CEO Benenson Strategy Group)
Lynnette Cooke (CEO Kantar Health)
David Day (CEO Lightspeed Research)
Richard Ingleton (CEO TNS)
Steve Pattinson (CEO Americas Kantar Retail)
Josep Montserrat (CEO Kantar Worldpanel)
Will Galgey (CEO The Futures Company)
Bart Michels (CEO Added Value)
Andy Brown (CEO Kantar Media)
Travyn Rhall (CEO Millward Brown)[1]
Products Market Research
Data Investment Management
Parent WPP plc
Subsidiaries Added Value
IMRB International
Kantar Health
Kantar Japan
Kantar Media
Kantar Operations
Kantar Retail
Kantar Worldpanel
Lightspeed Research
Millward Brown
The Futures Company
Benenson Strategy Group
Website www.kantar.com

Kantar, based in UK, was founded in 1993 as the Market Research, Insight and Consultancy Division of WPP plc, a London-based public company. It is a network of 13 companies, with around 28,500 employees working in 100 countries across various research and consultancy disciplines. Eric Salama is the current Chief Executive Officer.[2]

Kantar, now know as the Data Investment Management division of WPP,[3] reported revenue for the year ended 31 December 2013 of £2,549.7m[4]

Millward Brown

Millward Brown, was founded in Warwick, England in 1973 and acquired by WPP Group in 1990. Millward Brown is a global research agency specialising in advertising, marketing communications, media and brand equity research. Millward Brown works across a range of industries and categories, and has a number of specialist practices: BPRI Group(a global practice specializing in B2B research), Dynamic Logic (measuring the impact of digital marketing effectiveness), Firefly Millward Brown (Millward Brown's global qualitative network), Millward Brown Optimor (Millward Brown's strategy consultancy practice), and the Neuroscience Practice.

IMRB International

IMRB International (formerly “Indian Market Research Bureau”) is a multi-country market research, survey and business consultancy firm established in 1970 that offers a range of syndicated data and customized research services. With over 1200 employees, IMRB is one of the largest providers of market research in India in an industry estimated to be worth a minimum of $ 187 million. As the oldest extant market research company in India, IMRB has been responsible for establishing the first and only household panel, the first television audience measurement system and the first radio panel in the country and has played a key role in the development of market research in India.IMRB International's specialised areas are consumer markets, industrial marketing, business to business marketing, social marketing and rural marketing.

Kantar Health

Kantar Health, a global consultancy and "marketing insights" organization serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics, and devices industries, was formed in 2009 from Consumer Health Sciences, MattsonJack, TNS Healthcare, and Ziment. The company has more than 40 offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and India.

Kantar Media

Kantar Media offers a range of media insights and audience measurement services through the analysis of print, radio, TV, internet, cinema, mobile, social media, and outdoor worldwide. Kantar Media was formed from WPP Group’s acquisition of TNS Media and KMR Media in 2008. Kantar Media became Kantar’s rebranded insight, media evaluation and audience measurement company in 2010. [5]

Kantar Worldpanel

Kantar Worldpanel runs continuous consumer panels.[6]

Lightspeed Research

Lightspeed Research (LSR) was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Warren, New Jersey. The company operates in North America, Europe, and Asia. LSR provides global online market research services, specializing in using the Internet as a data collection platform to provide research through building and maintaining panels subject to quality and representative sampling standards. Specialty panels range across industry sectors such as financial services, health care, business-to-business, automotive, family and more. LSR also provides custom panels to address specific client needs. In 2007, Lightspeed Research conducted over 20 million online surveys for clients.


MySurvey, is an online opinion panel operated by Lightspeed.[7] Participants get paid to fill out brand surveys[8] for organizations such as the Ad Council[9] and USA Today[10] The roots of MySurvey were established in 1946 when the market research company, Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), launched the National Family Opinion (NFO) mail community. The TNS NFO community evolved into the MySurvey online community, created in 1999 by Lightspeed. Currently, there are more than 4 million MySurvey members in 40 markets across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Added Value

In October 2004, three Kantar companies – Added Value, Icon Brand Navigation and Diagnostic Research – combined under the Added Value (AV) name. Added Value focuses on brand marketing, consumer insight, innovation and communications optimization. Core services are setting future direction (cultural and trend analysis); identifying market opportunities (market segmentation and consumer needs mapping, brand portfolio management); strengthening brand equity (brand evaluation, diagnosis and strategy creation); innovation (ethnography, ideas generation and development); evaluating ideas (marketing mix optimization, concept evaluation); optimizing communications (decoding and planning, copy testing); and communications performance optimization (planning, tracking).

Added Value operates under the business names Added Value, Icon Added Value, Oracle Added Value, Added Value Cheskin, AV-Stratosfera and Added Value Saffron Hill. The company has 21 offices in 13 countries, operating in the UK (London), France (Paris), Spain (Barcelona and Madrid), Italy (Milan), Germany (Nuremberg & Hamburg), Poland (Warsaw), Russia (Moscow), South Africa (Cape Town and Johannesburg), USA (New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco), Australia (Sydney), China (Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai), Singapore and The Philippines (Manila).


In 2008, TNS was acquired by WPP and included in Kantar. In February 2009, Kantar merged TNS and Research International.[11]

The Futures Company

The Futures Company is a global strategic insight and innovation consultancy, formed through the integration of The Henley Centre, HeadlightVision, Yankelovich and TRU.[12]

Benenson Strategy Group

In August 2013, Kantar acquired Benenson Strategy Group. The CEO of this strategic consulting firm is Joel Benenson, who serves as a senior communications and polling advisor to the White House.[Group 1]


In July 2014, Kantar bought Guardian Digital Agency (GDA), previously part of the The Guardian. The specialist data visualisation, site design and interactive development agency was rebranded as Graphic.[5]


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