Coordinates: 23°34′21″S 46°40′45″W / 23.57250°S 46.67917°W / -23.57250; -46.67917

Country  Brazil
Region Southeast
State Municipality São Paulo
Administrative Zone West
Subprefecture Pinheiros
District Jardim Paulista

Jardins (Portuguese for Gardens) is the name given to an upper class region of São Paulo city, which includes the neighbourhoods of:

  • Jardim Paulista
  • Jardim América
  • Jardim Paulistano
  • Jardim Europa

Two of them being in the Pinheiros district and two of them in the Jardim Paulista district. All are comprised within the Subprefecture of Pinheiros.

It is limited by the following roads: Rebouças Avenue, River Pinheiros Marginal Avenue, Brigadeiro Luís Antônio Avenue and Paulista Avenue. It is considered one of the noblest areas of São Paulo. It is the quality of services offered, such as more than 100 restaurant s and guides listed on culinary and about 200 bars. It also home to many museums, such as the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound, the Ema Gordon Klabin Cultural Foundation, the Museum of the Brazilian House and the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture.

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Coordinates: 23°34′21″S 46°40′45″W / 23.5725°S 46.6792°W / -23.5725; -46.6792