Back To Basics: Live And Down Under

Back to Basics: Live and Down Under
Christina Aguilera
Released February 4, 2008 (2008-02-04)
Recorded July 17–18, 2007
(Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Adelaide, Australia)
Length 130 minutes[1]
Label RCA
Producer Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera video chronology

  • Back to Basics: Live and Down Under
  • (2008)

Back to Basics: Live and Down Under is the fourth video release by American singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera. It was premiered on television at 10 PM on January 26, 2008 on VH1, and was released for purchase on February 4, 2008, by RCA Records. It accompanied her fifth studio album Back to Basics (2006), and included materials from Aguilera's Back to Basics Tour in Adelaide, Australia from July 17 to 18, 2007. The DVD also features several bonus contents.

Upon its release, Back to Basics: Live and Down Under garnered positive views from music critics as well as gained chart success in a number of territories, peaking at number one on the DVD charts of Belgium (Flanders) and the United Kingdom. In the United States, the video debuted atop the chart with first-week sales of 18,437 copies. It achieved double platinum certification by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) and gold certification by Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Background and synopsis

In order to support Back to Basics (2006), Aguilera planned to hold the worldwide concert Back to Basics Tour, which would have opening acts such as The Pussycat Dolls and Danity Kane.[2] During the Oceania leg in Adelaide, Australia, the tour was filmed and was released as a DVD.[3] On January 26, 2008, the video made it premiere on VH1 television channel at 10 PM.[4] The DVD was first released officially on February 4, 2008 in the United Kingdom.[1] A day later, it was released in Canada and the United States.[5][6] In Germany, Back to Basics: Live and Down Under was released on February 8, 2008.[7] In France, the live album was purchased for sales on February 11.[8] On February 16, Back to Basics: Live and Down Under was released in Australia.[9]

The show features numerous old-school style materials such as trapeze artists, circus jugglers, and cabaret dancing.[10] It begins with a video introduction of "Intro (Back to Basics)". Then, Aguilera sang "Ain't No Other Man" with eight "enthusiastic" back-up dancers in white suits and "classier" choreography.[11] Following that, she performed the heartfelt soul "Back in the Day".[11] The jazz version of "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" was described as "something more like lost 45s from the ‘60s", "a Cuban-tinged big band number".[12] In a white bodysuit, she performed "Slow Down Baby" and "Still Dirrty" as the follow-ups.[11][13] The jazz-inspired version of "What a Girl Wants" was described as "a loping reggae infused tango".[12] As she sang the "quite-touching" "Oh Mother",[12] "Aguilera proved once again that she never does anything nice and subtle".[11] The Beatles-esque "Welcome" features "calliope and carnival barker, opens things", "fire breathers and stilt walkers".[11][12] Aguilera put on "skimpy lingerie and tight corsets" for the rendition of the jazzy-"Dirrty".[12] She continued to perform "Candyman" with "sex drenched, bleating horned jazz", and the striptease of "Nasty Naughty Boy".[12] The "perfect, self-empowering ballad that no amount of excess notes can defeat" "Beautiful" and the "hard-rocking high" "Fighter" was the two final songs from the DVD.[11] The DVD also features several bonus materials.[14]



Upon its release, Back to Basics: Live and Down Under garnered mainly positive feedback from music critics. Jake Meaney for PopMatters gave it a "damn good" rating, commenting it "huge and overwhelming, deeply soulful and expressive, if sometimes a bit unsubtly melismatic".[12] Clayton Perry from the online website Blogcritics provided a positive review, writing that it "is more than a simple presentation of song and dance; the show, by all measures, is a Broadway-caliber production".[15] The New York Times was also impressed toward the video release, writing that it is "at the top of her already speaker-blowing vocal range".[16] CD Universe complimented the show's production, deeming it "breathlessly energetic, senses-frazzling live spectacular of a concert brought the house down".[10]


Commercially, Back to Basics: Live and Down Under attained success on charts worldwide. In Australia, the DVD debuted and peaked at number 2 on the ARIA Music DVD Chart on February 25, 2008[17] and remained on its peak for two weeks.[18][19] On the Austrian Music DVD Chart, the video debuted at number 7 on the issue chart dated February 22, 2008.[20] The following week, it fell to number 8.[21] The DVD reached it peak at number 6 on March 14, 2008.[22] In the Wallonia region of Belgium, Back to Basics: Live and Down Under made its first chart appearance at number 10 on February 16, 2008.[23] It subsequently peaked at number 8 in the following week.[24] In the Flanders region, the DVD peaked atop the chart on March 1, 2008 after two weeks charting within the top 10.[25]

The video also garnered commercial success in other regions. In New Zealand, it peaked at number 7 on the RIANZ DVD Chart and remained on the top ten for on week.[26] It also peaked at number 6 in Austria,[22] number four in Switzerland,[27] number three in Czech,[28] number two in Dutch,[29] and number one in the United Kingdom.[30] In the United States, Back to Basics: Live and Down Under debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Music Videos chart on February 23, 2008 with first-week sales of 18,437 copies.[31][32] In the following week, it fell to number 3.[33] On March 8, 2008, the DVD fell to number 4.[33]

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Intro (Back to Basics)"   2:01
2. "Ain't No Other Man"  
  • Aguilera
  • Martin
  • DioGuardi
  • Charles Roane
  • Harold Beatty
3. "Back in the Day"  
  • Aguilera
  • Martin
  • DioGuardi
  • Don Costa
  • Jimmy Castor
  • Langdon Fridle, Jr.
  • Douglas Gibson
  • Harry Jensen
  • Robert Manigault
  • Gerald Thomas
4. "Understand"  
5. "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)"    3:39
6. "Slow Down Baby"   3:29
7. "Still Dirrty"  
  • Aguilera
  • Martin
  • DioGuardi
8. "I Got Trouble"  
9. "Makes Me Wanna Pray"  
10. "What a Girl Wants"   4:45
11. "Oh Mother"  
12. "Enter the Circus"  
  • Aguilera
  • Perry
13. "Welcome"  
  • Aguilera
  • Perry
  • Ronson
  • Paul Ill
14. "Dirrty"  
15. "Candyman"  
  • Aguilera
  • Perry
16. "Nasty Naughty Boy"  
  • Aguilera
  • Perry
17. "Hurt"  
  • Aguilera
  • Perry
  • Ronson
18. "Lady Marmalade"   5:10
19. "Encore: Thank You"  
  • Aguilera
  • Martin
  • DioGuardi
  • Pamela Sheyne
  • David Frank
  • Steve Kipner
20. "Beautiful"  Perry 4:56
21. "Fighter"  



Region Certification
(Sales threshold)
Australia (ARIA)[36] 2× Platinum
United States (RIAA)[37] Gold

Release history

Country Release date Format Label
United Kingdom[1] February 4, 2008 DVD RCA Records
Canada[5] February 5, 2008
United States[6]
Germany[7] February 8, 2008
France[8] February 11, 2008
Australia[9] February 16, 2008 Sony Music Entertainment


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