1992 Five Nations Championship

1992 Five Nations Championship

1992 Five Nations Championship
Date 18 January 1992 - 21 March 1992
Countries  England
Tournament statistics
Champions  England (20th title)
Grand Slam  England (10th title)
Triple Crown  England (17th title)
Calcutta Cup  England
Millennium Trophy  England
Centenary Quaich  Scotland
Matches played 10
Top point scorer(s) England Jon Webb (63 points)
Top try scorer(s) England Dewi Morris
England Rory Underwood
England Jon Webb
France Alain Penaud
France Sébastien Viars
(3 tries)
1991 (Previous) (Next) 1993

The 1992 Five Nations Championship was the 63rd series of the Five Nations Championship, an annual rugby union competition between the major Northern Hemisphere rugby union national teams. The tournament consisted of ten matches held between 18 January and 21 March 1992.

The tournament was the 63rd in its then format as the Five Nations. Including the competition's former incarnation as the Home Nations Championship, the 1991 Five Nations Championship was the 98th Northern Hemisphere rugby union championship.

The championship was contested by England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. England won the tournament, achieving the Grand Slam for the second tournament in a row, their tenth overall in the Five Nations. This was also their 20th outright victory, including five victories in the Home Nations, excluding ten titles shared with other countries. England also won the Triple Crown and Calcutta Cup as a result of their victories over the other Home Nations: in the process setting a new record for most tries scored in the Championship (15) while conceding only four. France, Scotland and Wales placed second, third and fourth respectively with two wins each, while Ireland came last with no victories.


The teams involved were:

Nation Venue City Head coach
 England Twickenham London Geoff Cooke
 France Parc des Princes Paris Pierre Berbizier
 Ireland Lansdowne Road Dublin Ciaran Fitzgerald
 Scotland Murrayfield Edinburgh Jim Telfer
 Wales National Stadium Cardiff Alan Davies


For each nation's squad for the 1992 Five Nations Championship, see 1992 Five Nations Championship squads.


Position Nation Games Points Table
Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Difference
1  England 4 4 0 0 118 29 +89 8
2  France 4 2 0 2 75 62 +13 4
3  Scotland 4 2 0 2 47 56 −9 4
4  Wales 4 2 0 2 40 63 −23 4
5  Ireland 4 0 0 4 46 116 −70 0


1992-01-18 15:05
Ireland  15–16  Wales
Tries: Wallace
Con.: Keyes
Pen.: Keyes (3)
Tries: S. Davies
Pen.: N. Jenkins (3)
Drops: Stephens
Lansdowne Road, Dublin
Referee: F. A. Howard (England)
1992-01-18 15:05
Scotland  7–25  England
Tries: White
Pen.: G. Hastings
Tries: Morris
R. Underwood
Con.: Webb
Pen.: Webb (4)
Drops: Guscott
Murrayfield, Edinburgh
Referee: W. D. Bevan (Wales)

1992-02-01 15:05
England  38–9  Ireland
Tries: Guscott
R. Underwood
Webb (2)
Con.: Webb(4)
Pen.: Webb (2)
Tries: Keyes
Con.: Keyes
Pen.: Keyes
Twickenham, London
Referee: W. D. Bevan (Wales)
1992-02-01 15:05
Wales  9–12  France
Pen.: N. Jenkins (3) Tries: Saint-André
Con.: Lafond
Pen.: Viars
Drops: Penaud
National Stadium, Cardiff
Attendance: 60,000
Referee: O. E. Doyle (Ireland)

1992-02-15 15:05
France  13–31  England
Tries: Penaud
Con.: Viars
Pen.: Viars
Tries: Morris
R. Underwood
penalty try
Con.: Webb (3)
Pen.: Webb (3)
Parc des Princes, Paris
Attendance: 45,150
Referee: S. R. Hilditch (Ireland)
1992-02-15 15:05
Ireland  10–18  Scotland
Tries: Wallace
Pen.: Keyes (2)
Tries: Nicol
Con.: G. Hastings (2)
Pen.: G. Hastings (2)
Lansdowne Road, Dublin
Referee: A. J. Spreadbury (England)

1992-03-07 15:05
England  24–0  Wales
Tries: Carling
Con.: Webb (3)
Pen.: Webb (2)
Twickenham, London
Referee: R. J. Megson (Scotland)
1992-03-07 15:05
Scotland  10–6  France
Tries: Edwards
Pen.: G. Hastings (2)
Pen.: Lafond (2)
Murrayfield, Edinburgh
Attendance: 54,000
Referee: F. Burger (South Africa)

1992-03-21 15:05
France  44–12  Ireland
Tries: Cabannes
Penaud (2)
Viars (2)
Con.: Viars (5)
Pen.: Viars (2)
Pen.: McAleese (4)
Parc des Princes, Paris
Attendance: 49,317
Referee: F. Burger (South Africa)
1992-03-21 15:05
Wales  15–12  Scotland
Tries: Webster
Con.: N. Jenkins
Pen.: N. Jenkins (3)
Pen.: Chalmers (2)
G. Hastings
Drops: G. Hastings
National Stadium, Cardiff
Referee: M. Desclaux (France)

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