1988 Five Nations Championship

1988 Five Nations Championship

1988 Five Nations Championship
Date 16 January 1988 – 19 March 1988
Countries  England
Tournament statistics
Champions  France and  Wales
Triple Crown  Wales (17th title)
Calcutta Cup  England
Matches played 10
Top point scorer(s) Scotland Gavin Hastings (41 points)
Top try scorer(s) England Chris Oti (3 tries)
1987 (Previous) (Next) 1989

The 1988 Five Nations Championship was the fifty–ninth series of the rugby union Five Nations Championship. Including the previous incarnations as the Home Nations and Five Nations, this was the ninety–fourth series of the northern hemisphere rugby union championship. Ten matches were played over five weekends between 16 January and 19 March. It marked the final time the Championship was shared between two nations, with Wales and France being declared joint winners with 6 points each. In future tournaments, overall points difference would be used to separate teams with the same number of points so that the tournament would be more likely to have an outright winner.[1]

The final match of the tournament, England's victory over Ireland, was notable for the crowd bursting into song with "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" as a response to the hat-trick of tries scored by England's Chris Oti (only the second black player, and the first for 80 years, to be capped by England). The song was subsequently to become the unofficial rugby anthem for England.[2]


The teams involved were:

Nation Venue City Head coach
 England Twickenham London Geoff Cooke
 France Parc des Princes Paris Jacques Fouroux
 Ireland Lansdowne Road Dublin Jim Davidson
 Scotland Murrayfield Edinburgh Jim Telfer
 Wales National Stadium Cardiff Tony Gray


For each nation's squad for the 1988 Five Nations Championship, see 1988 Five Nations Championship squads.


Position Nation Games Points Table
Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Difference
1  Wales 4 3 0 1 57 42 +15 6
1  France 4 3 0 1 57 47 +10 6
3  England 4 2 0 2 56 30 +26 4
4  Scotland 4 1 0 3 67 68 −1 2
4  Ireland 4 1 0 3 40 90 −50 2



Ireland  22–18  Scotland
Tries: Kiernan
Con.: Kiernan (2)
Pen.: Kiernan
Drops Kiernan
Report Tries: S. Hastings
Con.: G. Hastings (2)
Pen.: G. Hastings (2)
Lansdowne Road, Dublin
Referee: R. Quittenton (England)
France  10–9  England
Tries: Rodriguez
Pen.: Berot (2)
Report Pen.: Webb (2)
Drops: Cusworth
Parc des Princes, Paris
Attendance: 45,071
Referee: O. E. Doyle (Ireland)

Scotland  23–12  France
Tries: G. Hastings
Pen.: G. Hastings (4)
Report Tries: Lagisquet
Con.: Berot
Pen.: Berot
Drops: Lescarboura
Murrayfield, Edinburgh
Attendance: 65,000
Referee: F. Muller (South Africa)
England  3–11  Wales
Pen.: Webb Report Tries: Hadley (2)
Drops: J. Davies
Twickenham, London
Referee: S. R. Hilditch (Ireland)

France  25–6  Ireland
Tries: Blanco
Con.: Berot
Drops: Camberabero
Report Pen.: Kiernan (2)
Parc des Princes, Paris
Attendance: 49,130
Referee: F. Muller (South Africa)
Wales  25–20  Scotland
Tries: J. Davies
I. Evans
Con.: Thorburn (2)
Pen.: Thorburn
Drops: J. Davies
Report Tries: Calder
Pen.: G. Hastings (4)
National Stadium, Cardiff
Referee: Y. Bressy (France)

Ireland  9–12  Wales
Tries: Kingston
Con.: Kiernan
Pen.: Kiernan
Report Tries: Moriarty
Con.: Thorburn
Pen.: Thorburn
Drops: J. Davies
Lansdowne Road, Dublin
Referee: R. J. Megson (Scotland)
Scotland  6–9  England
Pen.: G. Hastings Report Pen.: Webb (2)
Drops: Andrew
Murrayfield, Edinburgh
Referee: W. Jones (Wales)

Wales  9–10  France
Tries: I. Evans
Con.: Thorburn
Pen.: Thorburn
Report Tries: Lescarboura
Pen.: Lafond
National Stadium, Cardiff
Attendance: 63,000
Referee: F. A. Howard (England)
England  35–3  Ireland
Tries: Oti (3)
R. Underwood (2)
Con.: Andrew (2)
Pen.: Webb
Report Drops: Kiernan
Twickenham, London
Referee: C. Norling (Wales)
Preceded by
1987 Five Nations
Five Nations Championship
Succeeded by
1989 Five Nations


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