Oratory of Gesù Pellegrino

Oratory of Gesù Pellegrino

The Oratory of Gesù Pellegrino, also called the Oratorio dei Pretoni, is a small church found on the corner of Via San Gallo and via degli Arazzieri in Florence.


Initially consecrated with the name of church of San Salvatore for a confraternity of the same name, in 1313 the bishop Antonio d’Orso instituted a hospice for priests on pilgrimage. The name of the church was changed later to church of Saint James, and under the sainted Archbishop Antoninus, the confraternity set up a hospice for elderly priests.

In 1585 to 1588, under the patronage of the Medici family, restructuring was directed by Arlotto Mainardi (1396–1484).



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