Mayoi no Sakura

Mayoi no Sakura

The Mayoi no Sakura tree, May 2010

The Guidepost Cherry Tree (迷いの桜 Mayoi no Sakura) is a Japanese cherry tree in Kodaira, Tokyo, Japan originally planted by Nitta Yoshisada in the year 1333.


Tradition has it that in the year 1333 when Nitta Yoshisada was conducting the Kōzuke-Musashi Campaign and on his way to conquer Kamakura, he was leading his army south on the Kamakura Kaido. He came to a Nine Road Crossing (九道の辻 Kudo no Tsuji) and was confused as to which road to take. He is said to have planted a cherry tree to act as a guidepost. Cherry trees were subsequently replanted over the years, the most recent being planted in 1980.


270-degree panorama showing where 7 of the 9 roads intersect at "nine road intersection"