890 AM

890 AM

The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 890 kHz: WLS in Chicago is the dominant North American station on 890 AM, and is also the only station on that frequency to broadcast with 50,000 watts during nighttime hours. 20 stations in the United States broadcast on 890 AM.

In Canada

  • CJDC (AM) in Dawson Creek, British Columbia

In Mexico

  • XEAK1 in Tarimoro, GT
  • XEBY1 in Tuxpan, VC
  • XEFRT2 in Comitan, CS
  • XEMAU in Miguel Auza, ZA
  • XENZ in San Pedro de Los Ros, SI
  • XENZ1 in Culiacan, SI
  • XEPAN in Uruapan, MC
  • XEPC1 in Zacatecas, ZA
  • XEPNA in Tepic, NA
  • XEPOR in Putla de Guerrero, OA
  • XEPY1 in Mérida, YC

In the United States

  • KBBI in Homer, Alaska
  • KDXU in Saint George, Utah
  • KGGN in Gladstone, Missouri
  • KIHC in Arroyo Grande, California
  • KJME in Fountain, Colorado
  • KQLX (AM) in Lisbon, North Dakota
  • KTLR in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • KTXV in Mabank, Texas
  • KVOZ in Del Mar Hills, Texas
  • KYWN in Meridian, Idaho
  • WAMG in Dedham, Massachusetts
  • WBAJ in Blythewood, South Carolina
  • WFAB in Ceiba, Puerto Rico
  • WFKJ in Cashtown, Pennsylvania
  • WHJA in Laurel, Mississippi
  • WHNC in Henderson, North Carolina
  • WJTP in Lithia Springs, Georgia
  • WKNV in Fairlawn, Virginia
  • WLS (AM) in Chicago, Illinois
  • WYAM (AM) in Hartselle, Alabama