David Lowe (video game composer)

David Lowe (video game composer)

David Lowe also known as "Uncle Art" is a British composer known for his work on computer games from 1985 to 1998.

Lowe got attention by making music with professional synthesizers (CX5, DX7, RX11 drum machine) for an additional cassette tape distributed with the games Starglider 2 and Carrier Command.

His Starglider soundtrack for 16-bit computers (ST & Amiga) was also notable of having 15-second long song (a single sound file) with vocals and synthesizers on both versions. Amiga version's title music used high quality instrument sounds (for then prevailing standards - before tracker music).

David composed and recorded the music for the renowned Frontier: Elite II.

David has two daughters: The eldest - Lucy Elizabeth Lowe - is an actress having co-starred in a stage play with Dirk Benedict, and the younger is Holly Jazz Kotzé (née Lowe), singer and songwriter. He has a son: Adam. His wife Victoria Lowe was formerly a reserve member of Pan's People, and studied under Arlene Phillips.

Notable games

Lowe was also co author and assembler programmer for 'Buggy Blast' and also programmer for the Spectrum Z80 version of 'Thrust': Both published by Rainbird 1985 & 1986 respectively.

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