Primera C

Primera C

Primera C
Country  Argentina
Confederation CONMEBOL
Founded 1900 (1900) [1]
Number of teams 20
Level on pyramid 4
Promotion to Primera B Metropolitana
Relegation to Primera D
Domestic cup(s) Copa Argentina
Current champions Sportivo Italiano
Most championships Villa Dálmine and Colegiales
(5 titles each)
TV partners TyC Sports
Website Officlal webpage

The Primera C is one of the two leagues that form the regionalised fourth level of the Argentine football league system. The other league at the same level is the Torneo Argentino B.

Primera C is made up of 20 clubs mainly from the city of Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area (Greater Buenos Aires).


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Primera C is currently organised into two league tournaments, the Apertura (opening) and the Clausura (closing). Each team plays every other team once in the Apertura, and then once again at the reverse venue in the Clausura.

The winners of the two league titles are recognised as champions. However, the overall championship is decided with an end of season playoff. The overall champion is promoted to Primera B Metropolitana. The teams finishing 2nd to 8th enter a playoff series to determine which team will play in a promotion/relegation playoff against the 2nd lowest finishing team from Primera B Metropolitana.

The team that finishes with the worst aggregate points total is automatically relegated to Primera D. The team with the 2nd worst aggregate points total plays a promotion/relegation playoff with the winner of the Primera D playoff series. And the winner then competes in Primera C the following season.


The first Primera C championship was held in 1900, being won by Buenos Aires English High School.[1] The tournament was then named "Tercera División" (Third Division).

In 1944 its name changed to "Primera Amateur", which lasted to 1962, when the tournament was renamed "Primera C",[2] which has remained to date.

Since the new restructuring of the league system in 1998-99 season, the division has become the fourth category of Argentine football (lower than Primera División, Primera B Nacional and Primera B Metropolitana).

Current teams (2015 season)

Club City Area/Region Stadium
Argentino (M) Merlo Greater Buenos Aires Juan Carlos Brevia
Argentino (Q) Quilmes Greater Buenos Aires Argentino de Quilmes
Berazategui Berazategui Greater Buenos Aires Norman Lee
Cañuelas Cañuelas Buenos Aires Province José Arin
Central Córdoba Rosario Santa Fe Province Gabino Sosa
Defensores de Cambaceres Ensenada Buenos Aires Province Defensores de Cambaceres
Defensores Unidos Zárate Buenos Aires Province Defensores Unidos
Dock Sud Dock Sud Greater Buenos Aires Estadio de Los Inmigrantes
Excursionistas Belgrano Buenos Aires Excursionistas
Ferrocarril Midland Libertad Greater Buenos Aires Ferrocarril Midland
Laferrere Gregorio de Lafèrrere Greater Buenos Aires Deportivo Laferrere
General Lamadrid Villa Devoto Buenos Aires Enrique VI
J.J. de Urquiza Loma Hermosa Greater Buenos Aires Ramón la Cueva
Juventud Unida (SM) San Miguel Greater Buenos Aires Franco Murggieri
Luján Luján Buenos Aires Province Campo Municipal de Deportes
San Martín (B) Burzaco Greater Buenos Aires Francisco Boga
Sacachispas Villa Soldati Buenos Aires Beto Larrosa
San Miguel Los Polvorines Greater Buenos Aires Malvinas Argentinas
San Telmo Dock Sud Greater Buenos Aires Dr. Osvaldo Balleto
Talleres (RE) Remedios de Escalada Greater Buenos Aires Talleres de Remedios de Escalada

List of champions

The tournament has received different names since its first edition in 1900, being called "Primera C" for the first time in 1974. After the restructuring of the Argentine football league system, the tournament became the fourth division.[1]

Season Champion Runner-up Third Place
1900 English High School [1] [2]
1901 Alumni III [1]
1902 Lomas Juniors
1903 Estudiantes (BA) III "C" [1]
1904 Estudiantes (BA) III "B" [1]
1905 Alumni III [1]
1906 Gimnasia y Esgrima (BA)
1907 Atlanta
1908 Banfield
1909 Ferro Carril Oeste II [1]
1910 Instituto Americano [3]
1911 Riachuelo "B"
1912 Banfield
1912 FAF [4] Tigre
1913 Ferro Carril Oeste III [1]
1913 FAF Estudiantes (LP) III [1]
1914 San Lorenzo
1914 FAF Tigre Juniors [1]
1915 Martínez
1916 Huracán III [1]
1917 Sportivo Palermo
1918 San Fernando
1919 El Porvenir
1919 AAm [5] Sportivo Barracas III [1]
1920 Sportivo Avellaneda
1920 AAm Oriente del Sud
1921 Huracán III [1]
1921 AAm Villa Crespo
1922 Central Argentino
1922 AAm Nacional (Floresta)
1923 Bristol
1923 AAm Acassuso
1924 Leandro N. Alem
1924 AAm Racing III [1]
1925 Sportivo Balcarce II [1]
1925 AAm Perla del Plata
1926 Libertad
1926 AAm Racing III [1]
1927 Unión de Caseros
1928 Acassuso
1929 Gimnasia y Esgrima (L) [6]
1930 La Paternal
(Not held)
1931 AAF [7] 25 de Mayo
(Not held)
1932 AAF Sportivo Alsina
(Not held)
1933 AAF Sportivo Alsina III
(Not held)
1934 AAF Excursionistas III [1]
1935 Progresista
1936 Sportivo Alsina
1937 Acassuso Los Andes Florida,[8] Progresista [8]
1938 Los Andes Sportivo Palermo Sportivo Alsina
1939 Boulogne Nueva Chicago Sportivo Alsina
1940 Nueva Chicago Sportivo Alsina Central Argentino
1941 Sportivo Alsina J. J. de Urquiza Liniers
1942 Estudiantes (BA) Liniers Barracas Central
1943 El Porvenir Sportivo Alsina Barracas Central
1944 Barracas Central Argentino (Q) San Telmo
1945 Argentino (Q) Colegiales San Telmo
1946 All Boys Colegiales Sportivo Alsina
1947 Colegiales Barracas Central San Telmo
1948 Barracas Central Acassuso J. J. de Urquiza
1949 San Telmo J. J. de Urquiza Acassuso
1950 All Boys Tiro Federal Argentino (R)
1951 Tiro Federal Central Córdoba (R) Argentino (R)
1952 Central Córdoba (R) Colegiales El Porvenir
1953 Defensores de Belgrano Flandria San Telmo
1954 El Porvenir Colegiales Flandria
1955 Colegiales Tiro Federal Argentino (R)
1956 San Telmo Los Andes Tiro Federal
1957 Los Andes Defensores de Belgrano Barracas Central
1958 Defensores de Belgrano Argentino (Q) Almirante Brown
1959 Deportivo Morón Argentino (Q) Almirante Brown
1960 Deportivo Español Almirante Brown Defensores de Cambaceres
1961 San Telmo Colón Talleres (RE)
1962 Sportivo Italiano Villa Dálmine Defensores de Belgrano
1963 Villa Dálmine All Boys Almagro
1964 Arsenal Defensores de Cambaceres Almirante Brown
1965 Almirante Brown Estudiantes (BA) Fénix
1966 Estudiantes (BA) General Mitre Liniers
1967 Liniers Flandria Arsenal
1968 El Porvenir J. J. de Urquiza Colegiales
1969 Comunicaciones Central Córdoba (R) Talleres (RE)
1970 Talleres (RE)
1971 Almagro Tigre
1972 Defensores de Belgrano Flandria
1973 Central Córdoba Dock Sud
1974 Sportivo Italiano Sarmiento (J)
1975 Villa Dálmine El Porvenir
1976 Deportivo Armenio Argentino (Q)
1977 Sarmiento (J)
1978 Talleres (RE)
1979 Deportivo Español
1980 Deportivo Morón
1981 Lanús Chacarita Juniors
1982 Villa Dálmine Central Córdoba (R)
1983 Argentino (R) Talleres (RE)
1984 San Miguel Villa Dálmine
1985 Defensa y Justicia Deportivo Armenio
1986–87 Deportivo Laferrere Talleres (RE)
1987–88 Central Córdoba (R) Defensores Unidos
1988–89 Argentino (Q) Ituzaingó
1989–90 Berazategui Argentino (R)
1990–91 Defensores de Cambaceres Luján
1991–92 Defensores de Belgrano Dock Sud
1992–93 Colegiales Argentino (Q)
1993–94 Defensores Unidos Excursionistas
1994–95 Temperley Tristán Suárez
1995–96 Villa Dálmine Leandro N. Alem
1996–97 Berazategui Brown
1997–98 Flandria General Lamadrid
1998–99 Defensores de Cambaceres Colegiales Ituzaingó
1999–00 Deportivo Merlo Ituzaingó Dock Sud
2000–01 Ituzaingó Deportivo Laferrere Cañuelas,[8]Excursionistas[8]
2001–02 Deportivo Laferrere Colegiales Acassuso,[8] Argentino (M) [8]
2002–03 Colegiales Argentino (M) Acassuso
2003–04 Argentino (R) Barracas Central Sacachispas
2004–05 Comunicaciones Deportivo Merlo Colegiales
2005–06 Deportivo Merlo Excursionistas Argentino (R)
2006–07 Acassuso Argentino (R) Barracas Central
2007–08 Colegiales Barracas Central Deportivo Laferrere
2008–09 Villa San Carlos Berazategui Excursionistas
2009–10 Barracas Central Talleres (RE) Excursionistas
2010–11 General Lamadrid Central Córdoba (R) Argentino (M)
2011–12 Villa Dálmine Central Córdoba (R) Ferrocarril Midland
2012–13 UAI Urquiza Fénix Deportivo Español
2013–14 Sportivo Italiano Deportivo Español Defensores de Cambaceres

Titles by club

Team Number of titles Years/Tournaments Won
Colegiales 5 1947, 1955, 1992–93, 2002–03, 2007–08
Villa Dálmine 5 1963, 1975, 1982, 1995–96, 2011–12
El Porvenir 4 1919, 1943, 1954, 1968
Estudiantes (BA) 4 1903,[1] 1904,[1] 1966, 1942
Sportivo Alsina 4 1932 AAF, 1933 AAF, 1936, 1941
Acassuso 4 1923 AAm, 1928, 1937, 2006–07
Defensores de Belgrano 4 1953, 1958, 1972, 1991–92
Barracas Central 3 1944, 1948, 2009–10
San Telmo 3 1949, 1956, 1961
Central Córdoba 3 1952, 1973, 1987–88
Sportivo Italiano 2 1962, 1974, 2013–14
Alumni III [1] 2 1901,[1] 1905[1]
Racing III [1] 2 1924 AAm,[1] 1926 AAm [1]
Ferro Carril Oeste 2 1909,[1] 1913 [1]
All Boys 2 1946, 1950
Deportivo Español 2 1960, 1979
Cambaceres 2 1990-91, 1998–99
Laferrere 2 1986-87, 2001–02
Deportivo Merlo 2 1999-00, 2005–06
Deportivo Morón 2 1959, 1980
Argentino (Q) 2 1945, 1988–89
Banfield 2 1908, 1912
Berazategui 2 1989-90, 1996–97
Comunicaciones 2 1969, 2004–05
Talleres (RE) 2 1970, 1978
UAI Urquiza 1 2012–13


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