Note, notes, or NOTE may refer to:


  • Music and entertainment 1
  • Finance 2
  • Technology and science 3
  • Writing, texts, and documents 4
  • Others 5
  • See also 6

Music and entertainment

  • Musical note, a pitched sound (or a symbol for a sound) in music
  • Notes (album), a 1987 album by Paul Bley and Paul Motian
  • Notes, a common (yet unofficial) shortened version of the title of the American TV situation comedy, Notes from the Underbelly


  • Banknote, a form of cash currency, also known as bill in the United States and Canada
  • Promissory note, a contract binding one party to pay money to a second party
  • Note, a security (finance), a type of bond

Technology and science

Writing, texts, and documents


  • National Organisation for Tobacco Eradication (India), a campaigning organisation
  • Note (perfumery), a scent experienced as a perfume fades
  • Notes (journal), the quarterly journal of the Music Library Association
  • Nissan Note, a mini MPV produced by Nissan

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